I’m Barb Sawyers. And I can help you.

Barb_Sawyers_8972web-200x300Whether they’re young people so immersed in texting they’ve forgotten the basics or older professionals whose content puts you to sleep, many of your team members need to polish their writing skills. Most of them would benefit from a refresher course that focuses on your key messages and brand.

If you’re a communication or training leader in the Greater Toronto Area, you will see the impressive results after your team has taken some Sticky Business Writing Workshops.

Or they can learn how to combine the ease and sociability of talking with the thinking of writing through my self-study course or book Write Like You Talk Only Better. This unique approach works especially well for people who are more comfortable talking, almost everyone’s first and favorite way to communicate.

If you have international colleagues who need to strengthen their English or adapt your organization’s vocabulary and communication practices, I can help too. I also offering private tutoring to newcomers whose English is preventing them from getting the job they deserve. I make it simple and fun, as you can see with the grammar video that won me the grand prize from TESL

If you’d prefer one-on-one support, I can work with individuals through telephone coaching sessions.

If free better suits your budget, you can read my blog, practice with the  worksheets that complement my book or invite me to speak to your group.

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