Raise your game with a business writing coach


Now that you spend much of your day online, writing has become a critical business tool. From ordinary emails to extraordinary collaborations, you must be clear and compelling.

To encourage others to read, remember and respond, your writing may need to be more social than the formal style and rigid rules you learned at school.

More high potential employees are sharpening this vital tool with the help of a business writing coach like me. So are the experts whose reputations can be made or slayed by what they write. And let’s not forget the executives who want to engage and inspire.

I can assess your skill level and needs and meet with you weekly on the telephone, to cover the areas where you want to improve. You’ll apply what you’re learning to what you are doing at work. At the start and finish, we’ll measure with simple tests and assessments, that can also involve executive sponsors and human resources contacts.

Through one-on-one in-person sessions, I can also help international colleagues adapt to your organization’s vocabulary and communication practices. Contact me to find out more about my ESL (English as a Second Language) coaching.

“Thank you for your help. It’s made an amazing difference in Laura’s writing and her confidence. We’re so glad to be working with you!” Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO Botanical Paperworks

To set up a time for your free consultation call, please email me.


Typical business writing coaching package

Although every coaching package is custom-tailored to the individual, here’s what a typical 10-week package could include:

1.What are your needs, interests and aspirations?

2. What is your biggest challenge?

3. Who are you writing to? What are their hot buttons?

4. Who are you writing as? How does your style reflect your organization’s brand and your personality?

5. Social writing: how to be friendly yet professional

6. Get to the point with clarity and structure

7. How to help people remember what you wrote

8. Work with numbers

9. Avoid traps

10. How will you continue to improve?

The 10-week package costs $1,000 plus tax. Alternatively, you can take the six-part online course or read the book. It’s up to you to determine your best way to become a more valuable player.


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