business writingYou’re busy. You’re cranking out tons of content every day, from emails to strategies to product pages.

Too overwhelmed to capture your brand, articulate your key message, click with your key audience?  Too stressed to tighten and show you respect your readers’ time? Too rushed to find mistakes spellcheck can’t catch or capitalize consistently?

Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, the critical step of rewriting and self-editing is too often given short shrift, by even the smartest and most seasoned communication pros.

Rewriting entails standing back and taking a look at the big picture. Self-editing means focusing on the details. Although you may do this more with big content and big objectives, don’t forget that emails, social media updates and other small content will also benefit from this scrutiny.

To be efficient with your time, here’s what to focus on:

Retouch the big picture

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