It happens to everyone at least once. You’re trying to enter a busy building, but the door won’t open. You push harder. A passerby smirks. You look down at your hands and the “pull” sign.

So it’s not surprisingly that marketing writers sometimes confuse push and pull. Especially if they’re used to pushing, the traditional approach to moving prospects along the sales cycle.

Before the Internet, we spent more time pushing. Even when we used pull tactics, such as true stories or educational campaigns, the commercial message was clear.pull in people with content marketing

We wanted people to buy; we still do. But with content marketing, the emphasis is on building relationships, so you can sell later. Maybe.

You pull on the handles of education and entertainment, hoping that people will look, admire and remember. You pull on their heart strings, funny bone or brain, hoping they will like, share or do something else easy by which you measure success.

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Push or pull?
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