A blog is a great asset for your small business or organization — as long as you use it correctly. Of the millions of blogs online right now, most have fewer than 1,000 readers. To become one of the winners, here are seven problems you need to fix:

  1. The title doesn’t capture your audience. The title of each and every one of your posts must draw in your chamber marchreaders. It must be clear. It must be truthful. It must make sense. Title your posts like you would write about them on Twitter. It helps if it is less than 140 characters with a short link so it can easily be shared online via social media.
  2. Your post is too happy. It’s sad but true. Readers like the conflict of the negative post. Take this title for example. “The ways you are blogging wrong” is more popular and more likely to get attention than all the ways you are blogging right even though in the long run, the posts could say the exact same thing.
  3. You tease your readers. Do not start with an introduction and get them all tuned in only to flip the switch and not deliver. Readers will remember and not come back knowing you aren’t trustworthy with your headlines.
  4. The name of your blog needs an explanation. Blog titles are important. No one is going to go to a website called “The Blog” or something as equally as generic. Name your blog something that relates to your business.
  5. You use your blog as a sounding board. A few venting pieces here and there are okay but your blog is not the place to complain. Don’t be the restaurant that blogs about customers that don’t tip. Use your blog to write about necessary and informative topics.
  6. You use your blog as a diary. Likewise, your blog is not the place for all your family drama. Tell your story on your blog as it relates to your business but otherwise, birthdays or funerals or weddings or whatever else that goes on doesn’t need to go on your blog.
  7. There is no passion behind the work. Readers can tell a fake in the first few words. If you don’t like writing, don’t run a blog. Or hire someone to write for you, making sure you are close enough to convey your passion through them. Don’t fake it or expect your writer to be a mind reader..

Dream big with your blog but make sure you can back it up. Mediocre blogs won’t change the world, let alone attract business.

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Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com. She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources. ChamberofCommerce.com helps small businesses grow their business on the

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7 ways you’re blogging completely wrong
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