Yesterday I hiked up Dunder Rock, scampering along granite, inhaling trilliums and marveling at this spectacular vista. My inner batteries are recharged.

rock_dunder_lookoutWhat better time to share my advice on how to make the most of fair-weather writing. With the May long weekend behind us, summer is officially here.

That brings the challenge of concentrating on work when you’d rather be out there cycling, reading on the dock, playing beach volleyball or whatever outdoor activity you adore. Your readers are distracted too.

So here are 10 tips, to keep your writing hot and your readers happy.

1. Plan for vacations,  extra-long weekends or impulse days off. Your writing improves when you’re refreshed.

2. Work flexible summer hours, if you can. For example, I am starting earlier but taking longer a longer midday break so I can garden, swim or walk my dog in the ravine. When I return, I usually have a second wind. Or I could be spirited away by the call of the patio.   I will make up for some lost weekday hours on rainy weekends.

3. Draft an editorial schedule, based on your priorities. This way, you’ll make sure the important stuff is covered when you get sidetracked by that can’t-miss cottage invitation.

4. Break your schedule. When another topic or inspiration comes to mind, go for it.

5. Build others’ holidays into your planning. Remember that many clients and bosses will be away, so interviews and approvals may take longer. There’s nothing worse than smacking your head against an urgent deadline, only to discover that the key person is away for another week.

6. Prepare in advance some posts and other content so you’re able to publish when you’re on holidays or spontaneously opt for a day on the trails.

7. Play. Because your readers are laid back too, often you can take a more light-hearted, entertaining approach. You—and your readers—want to have fun.

8. If you have bosses or clients away on vacation, or bad weather ruins your plans, catch up on learning, bookkeeping, clearing out files or anything else you’ve been procrastinating on.

9. As your readers head outdoors, they’ll stay connected with mobile technologies and social media. So make sure everything you do can be easily shared.

10. Use your inspiration and downtime to lift your content to the next level. As search algorithms continue to tilt more to quality content and away from crass manipulation, you need to create your best yet.

Rise to the challenge. Seize the season. Enjoy.

Any hot, happy writing tips to share?

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10 tips for hot and happy summer writing
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  • May 28, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Good tips! Yes, the season is short, and so is life. Make the most of it.

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