Recently a writing coaching client asked how she could speed up creating tweets to promote her blog. Although they took her some time, her tweets were actually pretty good, neatly summarizing and giving people a compelling reason to click her link.

Not so good were her blog intros, which appeared on her home page. Often they were too rambling to induce anyone to click on READ MORE.

download (4)As I took another sip of coffee, the heavens opened and the angels sang: “Write your tweet first, then use it as your first paragraph.”

Maybe not divinely inspired, but certainly the kind of eureka moment I’m more likely to have when I’m thinking about somebody else’s writing. This tip tightens the first paragraph and cuts down on work.

With its strict character limits, tweeting is a wonderful way to discipline your writing mind. The trouble is most people write their blog, newsletter or other content first, then compose updates for shorter social media.

By reversing the process, they can think about what matters before they get into their writing. And they don’t have to further exhaust their brain after they’ve hit Publish.

This revelation also reminded me why helping other people is so fabulous. You not only feel good about yourself, but learn things you didn’t know you knew.


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Start with your tweet

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