I received lots of compliments on my PowerPoint-video hybrid promoting my book. These came mostly from people who share my discomfort with appearing on video, disdain for staring-into-webcam clips and tight budget.

Although they’re comfortable with PowerPoint, they want to post more places, with animation and music. So video it is. Or should I say pideo.

I’m not pretending that Learn to Write Like You Talk Only Better in 1 Minute is top-notch. I’ll do better on the pideo I’m planning on how to make a pideo. In the meantime, let me share what I’ve learned.  And please, share your pideos and pideo tips with me.

10 steps

1. Think about what your community would most like to learn from you.

2. Break down the process into a few simple steps.

3. Plan your slides, something like this:
1       A catchy yet informative title
2-4   The problem
5-10 The solution
11    Learn more, which is your sales pitch.

4. Reduce the text on your slides to as few words as possible. Think about the kinds of pictures that could  better convey your ideas. Show me; don’t tell me.

5. Search for images in your personal archive, stock photo sites and through an advanced search, in Creative Commons, on Flickr.com.

6. Create one helluva PowerPoint presentation. Don’t worry about transitions, which won’t convert to the video, but apply some animation to add action.

7. Save the presentation as a Windows Media Video, or the Mac equivalent.

8. Search for free or inexpensive music. As with the photos, expect to spend lots of fun time choosing the best for your pideo.

9. Add the music and other effects with Windows Movie Maker.

10. Post and publicize on YouTube, your site and as many places as you can.

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10 steps to create your PowerPoint video
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