If you’d like to learn the secret to pulling ideas out of your head and onto the page, read my book, Write Like You Talk–Only Better, now available on Amazon and here. Learn more or check out the first chapters. An e-version for Kindle and other digital readers will be available very soon.

A quick read at just over 100 pages, the book outlines how to start building community by thinking deeply about the person you most want to connect with, writing a concise and precise summary of what you want to say to them and picking the best structure to deliver your message.

Then comes the fun, writing like you talk, pretending you’re having a conversation with that special person. By going back to your first and favorite way to communicate, talking, writing becomes easy and social.

After that, you’ll learn how to tighten your content to respect busy readers and stay focused on what you want them to remember. You’ll check for the five common grammar flubs that still matter.

To reach the next level, you’ll learn to tell stories and apply other advanced techniques from music, movies and other media.

The learning can continue as you practice and keep improving with the worksheets and checklists. All for $20 or less, tax included.

The breath mint or candy cane
If you don’t need the book, you might want to consider giving it as a reading treat to colleagues whose rambling emails, cold reports or mistake-filled content make you crazy. It’s like passing around the mints instead offending someone you care about who’s unaware that their breath stinks.

In addition to making enough money to feed my two teenagers, I want to make the world a better place, where people understand each other and are better equipped to reach their potential through clear and compelling writing. That’s my Christmas wish.

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Write Like You Talk Only Better paperback now for sale at Amazon
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