One of the most fun and fruitful parts of revamping Write Llke You Talk–Only Better has been hearing what people think: about the bigger and better draft, how they used the first edition, the million and one possible subtitles, cover art and more.

When I started to revise, I changed the positioning to reflect comments from readers and workshop participants. I thought about how our web 2.0 world has supersized how much we write and read while transforming how we communicate. I thought about how this affects people whose careers and businesses are built on their expertise.

Because I wanted to make sure I was accomplishing these goals, I asked my newsletter subscribers to preview the new draft. I was thrilled by the many offers.

I was especially moved by the thoughtful and detailed feedback I received from people like Amy Sept, Liz Macgale and Jim Pagiamtzis. What’s more, I heard some great stories about how people have used the first edition. I included Deanne Kelleher’s in the new introduction.

I was lucky to have Lucia Kuzminski of Outlook Research advising me on listening, filtering and responding.

Despite all these outside perspectives, sometimes I went with my gut. When I realized that the meadows and mountain cover templates offered by my publisher just would not do, I knew I had to head to the vanilla land of stock photography sites, where I’m usually marooned for hours.

But this time, there he was on the first page I viewed, the kid with the megaphone you see here. The book talks about going to back to how you learned to communicate as a child. It talks about being heard above the crowd. What an easy decision.

As I writer, I often spend most of my time listening to the people I’m interviewing. From my experience with the book, I now know I need to listen more intently to readers too. Of course I welcome comments here and other social media interaction.

I would also like to listen more through my languishing Community page. Any suggestions?

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Why I love to listen to readers
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