Some people gear down on their content marketing and other writing for the summer. They offer the excuse that everyone they want to connect with is playing at the cottage or on the patio, not reading.

But the smart ones know better. They shift to a writing style that appeals to a more relaxed frame of mind and on-the-go lifestyle.

From all the recent  lists of summer reading recommendations, they know that most people aren’t shutting down their brains. Many, me included, read more.  But it’s easier reading­–a novel on the dock between swims or a white paper on my laptop under a tree. 

Here are six tips for smart summer writers. 

1.       Be more relaxed. Try a more casual style. Lighten up the serious business. I call it business casual writing.

2.       Don’t waste their time, even more valued during splendid weather. Get to the point. Write as concisely as you can.

3.       Provide links, for those who want a longer, leisurely read.

 4.       Chunk up your writing with subheads, numbered lists or other visual aids, so people distracted by a humming bird or a call from the boss can easily get back on track.

5.       Don’t make your readers work harder by having to look up words or ponder what you mean. Use clear, plain language.

6.  Think mobile. Make sure everything works on a small screen. When the weather is hot, the people you want to connect with are more likely to be reading your content on a smart phone or other mobile device while lolling by the pool or waiting for an outdoor concert to begin.

Happy Canada Day, Independence Day or whatever holiday kicks off your summer.

Photo credit: Jonathan Bloom

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Six ways to write for easy reading season
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