Because most people are so busy, I’ve pulled out the two most popular modules from my one-day workshop and turned each of them into  two-hour live workshop for employees in the Greater Toronto Area.  They address the two biggest priorities for most people who write at work: (1) how to say more in fewer words and (2) how to connect with their readers.

Write tight

Just as your favorite jeans have to fit perfectly, so does your writing need to show off your expertise in the most  flattering  and comfortable way.

writing that fits like your favorite jeansWith the character limits of Twitter and other social media, writing tightly is becoming more of a requirement and less of a choice.

What’s more, the vast volume of email most people read and write daily makes writing tightly a productivity priority. If your email, report or anything else is too long, people won’t read through it, let alone remember. They won’t click on links. They won’t engage.

But feed them a tasty information snack and they may well come back for the feast.

In the workshop, I’ll show you how to plan what you’re going to write so you can use just enough words to meet your objectives. I’ll show you how to trim the fat from what you’ve written. And we’ll put this into practice, tightening some examples until they fit like your favorite jeans.

For  groups up to 20 people. Cost: $500

For more information, contact me at

From mouth to mouse

To  truly engage your readers, you need to write like you’re having a live conversation with them. This way, you’ll also attract like-minded people. Soon you’ll be building an enthusiatic tribe.

Before you start writing, you need to think about the person you most want to connect with, real or imagined, and figure out what gets them up in the morning and what keeps them up at night.

You should also think about how to convey in writing your personality or the personality of the person or organization you’re writing for. Then the conversation can begin.

In addition to walking you through this process, I’ll provide some tips on how to write in a more conversational style.  You’ll practice writing this way, with some participants sharing their work so everyone can  learn from each other.

For  groups up to 20 people. Cost: $500

For more information, contact me at
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