You know when a tune gets stuck on replay in your head? How can apply that ear worm’s stickiness to your writing?

The songs that stick usually have a hook that keeps repeating, the classic memory technique. But there’s more.

They can’t be so simple that they blend in with everything else crammed into your memory.  Yet, they can’t be so difficult that the mind is challenged to remember them. They seem to find a brain groove and dig in.

Usually they have a catchy rhythm. They rhyme.

Often the lyrics tap into a deep, strong emotion, but not always.

Sometimes I love the song, but frequently the songs that get stuck in my head become annoying.

To help you remember this ultimate memory glue, let’s review:

Simple, yet not too simple




Similar, but different in an unexpected way

Emotionally compelling

Possibly annoying

Yes, you read correctly. To write words this sticky, you also have to be open to being regarded as annoying. Just like the people who wrote those songs that get stuck in your heads or the commercials that succeed in getting you to remember and try their products, your feelings will recover once you check your bank balance.

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How to write extremely sticky words
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