In my last post, I advised those of you who are struggling with all the writing you’re expected to do to write like you talk.

To do this effectively, however, you need to spend a little time in advance thinking about what you’re going to say and more time later on revising. That’s the –only better– part of my advice.

By combining left-brained thinking with right-brained creativity, you can make the best use of your writing mind.

Think before you write

Write like you talk only better by thinking before you begin to write.Think about

1. Who you are writing for

2. Your main point

3. How you’re going to say it, for example in step-by-step instructions, tips or a story.

Ignore this and you run a high risk of readers hitting delete or close, as I explained in an earlier post, Three things to think about before you start writing.

Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll have an easy time getting started on those critical first  30 words. Having a plan, even a general and flexible one, also prevents writer’s block.

My plan remains in the back of my mind as I write. The article evolves, but usually stays fairly close to the original track.

Think after you write

The only better part of my advice also applies to the left-brained activity of thinking. You’ll shorten and reorganize to sharpen the focus. You’ll check that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do in your initial thinking. You’ll fix those mistakes that make you look stupid or difficult to understand.

I’ve outlined what to do when you’re revising and gone into way more detail in my book. I’m not linking to the book because, though the shopping cart is working, I discovered late Friday that the instructions are difficult to understand and I’m off to the IABC international conference today. It  should be sorted in the next day or so.

More fun writing

Anyways, back to my topic and the big finish…

You may need to fine tune the balance of left and right-brained activity to suit you.

By thinking before and after you write the quality of your writing will improve dramatically. What’s more, you’ll be free to unleash those creative juices and have more fun in the right-brained writing zone.

Can it get any better than that?

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