Clear, concise, correct and compelling communication

Clear writing helps ensure people understand you.

Concise writing lets you zero in on what you want to communicate. More than that, it demonstrates you respect people’s time.

Correct writing fine tunes you clarity and delivers you respect.

Compelling writing persuades people to keep reading, buy your product or think, feel or do the way you want.

Write Like You Talk Only BetterThe connection between thinking, talking and writing

Clear writing starts with clear thinking. And it leads to clear presentations, scripts and other spoken words that begin as written notes.

Unfortunately, writing as we learn it in school often sounds flat and robotic. It’s can makes our brains hurt. That’s why we need to inject some life, emotion and flow from conversation, the first –and most effective–way we learned to communicate.

Learn how to combine the ease and sociability of talking with the thinking and clarity of writing through my book Write Like You Talk Only Better

Now that almost everyone communicates by computer or mobile phone, we can waste too much of our time writing. What’s more other people can waste too much of their precious time wading through convoluted emails, reports and other communication.

So sharpen the business skill that is increasingly vital in our fast-paced, content-drenched world. Write Like You Talk Only Better makes that easy and fun.







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