Bad Writing Bites Into Your Productivity Pie

So invest in writing training

The Problem

If an $18 an hour employee spends 30 minutes a day trying to figure out that email, report or other unclear written communication, that costs your organization $9 a day, $45 a week, $2,250 a year. Multiply by your number of employees.

writing training can put a big piece back into your productivity pie
Thanks for the pie chart, Wikipedia.

Now factor in the higher ups. If one $100K executive reads two too-long documents a day, the cost is $10,440 a year, estimates Impact-Information. Do the math.

Then there’s the toll of patients who don’t understand instructions from the ER doc, law suits because the product manual didn’t make sense, IT projects that crumbled under the weight of miscommunication, engagement programs that failed to motivate…

Many organizations are ignoring the source of huge productivity savings: efficient, effective business writing. It’s not a soft skill that can be ignored. Business writing has become a critical engine of success.

Everyone with a computer writes, from international colleagues struggling with a second language to highly educated professionals blinded by the curse of knowledge.

Many don’t know, or have forgotten, how to write clearly and concisely. Without writing training, they are dooming your organization to wasted time and potential.

The Solution

If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, I’d love to help you improve your productivity through my writing training workshops. Customized to your needs, your training modules can include Breaking Bad EmailOnce Upon a BrandLook Like a Pro and B’English, for international colleagues.

If you’d prefer, one-on-one support, consider private coaching.

Or you can learn how to combine the ease and sociability of talking with the thinking and clarity of writing through my book Write Like You Talk Only Better

If free better suits your budget, you can read my blogpractice with the worksheets that complement my book or invite me to speak to your group.


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